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Simulating the Phenomenon of Interference using SCILAB
Pragati Ashdhir, Neha Batra, Nishant Goyal, Mritunjay Tyagi
Hindu College, Delhi University
Abstract— Introduction of some very fundamental concepts in Physics to students is often a challenge for the teacher, particularly, in situations where direct demonstration or experimentation is not feasible inside the classroom. Interference of waves is one such concept. One of the aims of the proposed work is to show how the concept of interference of waves can be introduced using simulations. The other aim is to illustrate how SCILAB can be used to enable technology based teaching of Physics. In the first part of the work, the phenomenon of interference of waves coming from two point sources is simulated using SCILAB. The later part of the work simulates the interference pattern obtained in Young’s Double Slit Experiment using two point sources.
Interference,Simulation using SCILAB,Young's Double Slit Experiment