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A simple scale factor in the light of the recent Planck satellite data analysis
Robin Francis, C Sivakumar, E M Mohammed
Maharaja's College(Govt.), M. G. University, Kottayam
The Standard Cosmology states that ours is a flat Universe of about 5% baryonic matter, 25% dark matter and 70% dark energy and is presently accelerating. But the analysis of the data released last year of the Planck satellite mission requires a reconsidering of these more or less established matters. Space-time could be positively curved and it may not be accelerating presently as it was five billion years back or so owing to dark matter. If that is the case, we need a new scale factor to explicate the fundamental features of the Universe and this paper suggests a simple scale factor for the Universe which is closed and having accelerated expansion for a definite period in the past consistent with the Friedman equations.
Standard model of Cosmology, flat Universe, baryonic matter, dark matter, dark energy, Planck satellite mission, space-time, scale factor, Friedman equations.