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Activity-based Interactive Engagement in Science (Physics) Laboratory An Approach to Stimulate Pre-Service Teachers’ Conceptual Understanding
Funda Ornek and Metin Orbay
1 Math & Science , Bahrain Teachers College,
The purpose of this study was to investigate pre-service teachers’ views with regard to the teaching approach used in the course of Science Laboratory and Its Applications based on activities and interactive engagement (Örnek, 2008; Orlik, 2005; Ornek, 2006) to stimulate their conceptual understanding of science concepts. Its aim was also to consider how physics may aid the teachers/instructors in bringing physics successfully to all levels. An open-ended exit survey was administered to 216 pre-service teachers, who were at Balikesir University in Turkey at the end of the fall 2007 semester and 210 pre-service teachers at the end of the spring 2008 semester and 140 pre-service teachers at Amasya University in Turkey at the end of the Fall 2008 semester to collect data in terms of students’ conceptions about the course and the approach used. In addition, semi-structured interviews with 62 volunteer pre-service teachers from Balikesir University and 20 volunteer pre-service teachers from Amasya University were conducted. The findings of this study have potential in translating research insights into practical recommendations for teachers regarding with making science labs more effective and efficient and provide guidelines for teachers (Chin, 2007) to increase students’ construction of knowledge in science and making connections to the real life and other fields such as health science. Key words: Activity-based learning, interactive, physics lab, science lab