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Investigating the Effectiveness of Digital Interactive Multimedia Package in Astronomy to Promote Scientific Temper A Case Study of the Tertiary Level Students in India
G. P. Pimpale and R. V. Vadnere
Department of Physics, H.P.T. Arts and R.Y.K. Science College, Nasik 422005, Maharashtra, India.
A criterion for a good scientific material is that it should not only impart knowledge but must go beyond that and should develop scientific attitude among the users. This paper reports on an investigation of the effectiveness of the interactive multimedia package in Astronomy, already developed by the authors, to inculcate scientific values among the tertiary level students in India. To quantify the change in behavior of target students, a tool was designed by the authors based on the Likert’s method. Standard statistical tests were employed for the analysis. The investigation revealed that the students, who were exposed to the multimedia package, did significantly well compared to those who were given only the print material. A retention test was also conducted which indicated statistically significant retention of scientific temper.