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Si Orientation Dependent Release of SiO2 Microcantilevers by Wet Chemical Etching Method
Sagnik Middya, K. Prabakar
Scientific Officer (E) and Asst. Professor, HBNI
In this study, fabrication of SiO2 Microcantilevers (MCs) using wet anisotropic etching technique is reported. Thermally grown SiO2 (300 nm) layer on single crystalline(c-) Si is utilized for the micro-fabrication. Standard lithographic procedure was followed and the exposure of the photo-resist was performed by mask-less direct laser writer. Various orientations on the c-Si wafer, their properties and implications on the structure and integrity of the released SiO2 MC are discussed. The <110> direction was found to be much time consuming and sticking of the released structures was almost evident. On the other hand <100> and <410> directions showed lesser release time and higher stability of the released structures due to under-etching along the width of the MCs.