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Teaching of Faraday’s and Lenz theory of electromagnetic induction using java based Faraday’s laws of stimulations.
Sanjay Prakashchand Hargunani
I have used Faraday’s lab simulation software freely available on website to teach faraday’s and Lenz’s theory of electromagnetic induction. I had taken the sample of 30 students and 30 questions.Student’s response to all the questions before and after the simulation to study the effect of the simulation lab work. The response of the students to conceptual and application oriented questions was totally changed. They realize their mistakes in understanding of EMI phenomenon. Teaching with faraday’s lab simulation creates the interest and curiosity about EMI among students. It makes the study easy and reduces the real lab work. It is difficult for high school teachers to realize every concept of EMI in real lab experiments due to limited resources. This simulation helps students to learn the EMI phenomenon on their own.