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Determination of Magnetic Dipole Moment of Permanent Disc Magnet with Two Different Methods
D. Amrani
Physics Laboratory, Service des Enseignements Généraux, École de Technologie Supérieure, University of Quebec, 1111, Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal (QC) H3C 1K3, Canada
In this work, we present two different experiments to estimate the magnetic dipole moment of cylindrical neodymium magnets, which can be used by physics teachers and students at college or university level. One experiment is using computer data acquisition system and sensors to record measurements in real time. And the other one is employing a precision digital balance and meter-stick to measure the force between two magnets. The magnetic dipole moment is determined from the slope of the magnetic force as a function of the inverse fourth power of the distance. The estimated average magnetic dipole moment by force sensor and digital balance is 1.5±0.05 Am2 and 1.29±0.04 Am2, respectively. The experiments details are described and the results discussed.